Pip Studio Blomsterfestivalskål Lyseblå 15cm

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Omhyggeligt dekorerede blomster og blade og gyldne accenter skaber et elegant og luksuriøst look på Flower Festival bordservice fra Pip Studio.

Denne porcelænsskål fra serien har en blå baggrund og et rigt blomstermønster med fantasifulde røde og lyserøde vintage-inspirerede blomster, lyseblå og grønne blade og legende placerede blomstergrene.

Choose the perfect 

All our china is made from clay and kiln-fired for durability. Except for pieces with special trims, everything is dishwasher-safe. Below are a few options to consider when choosing your perfect china.

Earthenware Strong and practical, earthenware is often a little thicker than other ceramics, making it ideal for everyday use.
Stoneware Fired at high temperatures, stoneware is very tough and heat-resistant. It comes in a number of different glaze finishes.
Porcelain Affordable yet luxurious, porcelain is renowned for its translucency. Fired at high temperatures, porcelain has an extremely tough glazed surface, making it durable.
Fine china The synthetic bone ash used in fine china makes it a more affordable alternative to bone china. Like bone china, it's strong, translucent and delicate, and creamier in colour.
New bone china A type of porcelain with added calcium oxide to achieve a similar aesthetic as bone china, but without animal bone ash.
Bone china White bone china is the strongest and most translucent ceramic. Though it looks delicate, it's tough enough for daily use and is usually dishwasher-safe. It contains at least 35% bone ash.