Coffee machine Korkmaz Kahvekolik Turkish Rosegold

Sale price699.00

    • 400 W effective energy consumption
      4 cup coffee capacity (320 ml)
      Automatic coffee making and shutdown when ready
      coffee pot in stainless steel
      Temperature sensor and anti-overflow sensor
      Automatic protection system in case of dehydration

      Taste of embers
      With its thermo balance technology, it preserves the aroma of Turkish coffee and makes delicious coffees with the taste of embers.
      Kahvekolik is completely different from other coffee machines. "The most important secret to a delicious Turkish coffee is to cook it at low heat." The coffee that boils quickly in a high fire is prepared without taking its essence, in this case, since Turkish coffee remains raw, it cannot add its delicious aroma to the coffee. Kahvekolik is designed with Thermo Balance Technology and works with lower power, preserving the aroma of the coffee bean and making delicious coffees with the taste of embers. Materials such as plastic and aluminum do not come into contact with the coffee prepared with the steel coffee pot, which is the healthiest material used in the kitchen.

      Cooking with coffee
      1. Add coffee and water (optional sugar) to the coffee pot according to the number of people and mix well.
      2. Insert the plug into the socket. (The device will give an audible warning and its light will flash once.)
      3. Place the coffee pot in place and lightly press the open button.
      4. When the light on the button lights up red, we know the coffee is in the brewing stage, and when it changes to green, we know the coffee is ready.
      5. The device will give an audible warning 5 times that the coffee is ready.
      6. After the 6th warning, our machine switches off automatically.
      7. Our coffee with glow flavor is now ready to drink.