Cake dish Karaca Istanbul

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While Istanbul's elegance, beauty and texture have inspired many poets, painters, musicians and writers for centuries, it also fascinates everyone who sees it from the outside and lives in it. With its Bosphorus, palaces, bridges, domes and precious districts, Istanbul keeps alive many civilizations and a very valuable history. Some spend their lives in Istanbul, some knock on his door with hope, others see him from afar with love. Everyone carries a piece of Istanbul inside...

The Karaca x İst Collection Series, which was brought to life in collaboration with Karaca and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality – Kültür AŞ, takes you on a little tour of Istanbul.

Karaca X İst Collection Istanbul Peninsula Layered Cookie Holder , designed with inspiration from the Blue Mosque, one of the most special symbols of Istanbul, is the most special gift for you and all Istanbul lovers!

Material: Porcelain


  • The serving plate (27cm)
  • The dessert plate (19cm)

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