Karaca white soap 160ml

Karaca white soap 160ml

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Perfume with sticks for the home from Karaca, which can give your home a unique scent!

"A unique blend to try; the pure and sharp scent of White Soap softens the apple, lemon and lavender flowers and transitions to heart tones. Mask included in the footnotes to complement the spacious pine and cedar trees complements perfect this very special and lasting fragrance. "


Top note: Lemon, apple, lavender.
Heart note: Soap notes, Rose, Orange Blossom.
Base note: Pine, cedar, mask.


Recommendation for use

The presentation was made with a decorative glass bottle and an extra bottle. Remove the extra bottle, carefully pour the desired amount into the decorative glass bottle, and place the sticks in the bottle. As the product runs dry, you can add it to the bottle. 12 hours is enough for the sticks to absorb the smell completely. By turning the dried sticks upside down, you can make the scent spread better. Do not burn the sticks. When turning the rods upside down, make sure that the liquid does not reach the wooden surfaces. The smell evaporates and spreads to the environment. Do not use by burning candles and incense. Protect from sunlight and store in a cool place.



Ethyl alcohol; Cas 64-17-5, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol Cas: 57-55-6, Geraniol Cas: 106-24-1, D-Limonen Cas: 5989-27-5, Citronellol Cas :: 106-22-9, Hexyl Cinnamal Cas: 101-86-0, Benzyl Benzoate Cas: 120-51-4, Citral Cas: 5392-40-5, Eugenol Cas: 97- 53. -0, Linalool Cas: 78-70-6, Coumarine Cas: 91- 64-5, Benzyl Alcohol Cas: 100-51-6ylalkohol (Cas: 100-51-6)

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