Cutlery set for 12 people Karaca Mantilla 84 pieces

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The scarf, which has been women's indispensable accessory for years; When appropriate, it completes the elegance as a veil or finely embroidered lace cover. Aiming to bring the design to the most aesthetic point with innocent and naive lines like a bride; Inspired by the scarf's wavy fabric and embroidery, it aims to bring women's aesthetics and elegance to the tables.

Karaca Mantilla 84 piece cutlery set for 12 people


  • 12 pcs 19.9 cm tablespoon
  • 12 pieces 20.3 cm dinner fork
  • 12 pieces 22.6 cm dinner knife
  • 12 pcs 16.9 cm Dessert spoon
  • 12 pcs 18 cm Dessert forks
  • 12 pieces 19.1 cm Dessert knife
  • 12 pcs. 11.5 cm teaspoon

Material: Stainless steel

It can be washed in the dishwasher.