Chandelier Luxware Solar Gold Ø85 cm.

Sale price1,499.00

Step into a world of overwhelming beauty with our solar system inspired chandelier. This impressive light source goes beyond conventional design and brings a cosmic aesthetic to your home.

Each element is carefully crafted to recreate the fascinating arrangement of planets that dance around our sun. The sparkling light sources not only represent stars, but also spread a pleasant lighting that fills the room with warmth and atmosphere.

The chandelier arms extend like celestial bodies, and the variation in size and shape recalls the diversity of our own solar system. The materials have been chosen with care, and the surrounding structure creates a sense of depth and movement, giving the chandelier an almost living expression.

Whether it floats above your dining table or serves as the central eye-catcher in the living room, our solar system-inspired chandelier will add cosmic elegance to your space. Take part in a journey through space without leaving your home, and let the glow of the chandelier be a reminder of the infinite beauty that exists beyond our own atmosphere. Welcome to a lighting experience as spectacular as the stars themselves.