Simplicity Series perfume burner - Etna

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Etna perfume burner: it is part of our Simplicity series, designed to solve the problem of reducing transport costs and driven by the desire to create decorative objects that are both fun and aesthetic, while guaranteeing great simplicity of use.

Why choose the Etna perfume burner?

The Etna model was born from a harmonious fusion between wood, ceramics and metal. It will find its place in any room. The capacity of the cup is 50 ml, which allows you to easily and effectively diffuse your scented waxes, scents, essential oils or other fragrance solutions. For its refined, minimalist and natural style. It is composed of a white lacquered ceramic bowl, a metal base and a bamboo base. A magnificent perfume burner that fits into any room and creates a warm atmosphere.

Instructions for use?

Place a tealight candle (not included) in the ceramic dish intended for this purpose, then pour a few drops of essential oils or fragrances on the ceramic item at the top (it is advisable to pour a little water when using essential oils). You can also use scented wax.

Our perfume burners must be used together with tealights with a diameter of 4 cm and a burning time of max. 4 hours (not included). The light must meet applicable standards. Also, be sure to follow the safety instructions indicated on the candle.