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Historien bag Kutahya Porcelæn

The story behind Kutahya Porcelain

Kütahya Porselen San.A.Ş. was established in 1970. In the first years of its establishment, it was a multi-owned company and the main share was owned by the public, the Güral family bought the majo...

Historien bag Mesopotamien

The story behind Mesopotamia

Karaca Mesopotamia is a special series made by hand. Due to the nature of the copper material, it may darken over time as a result of contact with air. Color changes may occur after washing. Prol...

Historien bag Seljuk (Mai)

The story behind Seljuk (Mai)

THE HISTORY OF THE MAI SERIES AND THE FOOD CULTURE OF THE PERIOD Turkish cuisine is a very special cuisine that has been influenced by different cultures throughout history and mixes these influenc...