The story behind Seljuk (Mai)

Historien bag Seljuk (Mai)
THE HISTORY OF THE MAI SERIES AND THE FOOD CULTURE OF THE PERIOD Turkish cuisine is a very special cuisine that has been influenced by different cultures throughout history and mixes these influences with its own culture. Although the Ottoman palace dishes are mostly visualized when we say "Turkish cuisine", the main basis of Ottoman cuisine is the Seljuk culture. Since the Ottoman Empire had an understanding of keeping the cultural heritage of these countries alive with the lands it conquered, it also inherited the legacy of the largest state in the Anatolian lands of the period, namely the Seljuks. Turkish culinary culture continued to live on in the Ottoman Empire. As Ömür Akkor said, “Turkish cuisine is actually a culture in itself. From Central Asia to the Balkans, Turkish cuisine has been influential wherever Turks passed. Turkish cuisine is not just food, it is a culture. ” Always working to add variety and character to its product groups, Karaca has created the new Mai range, this time with Turkish traditions and culinary heritage. It reunited 1000 years of Turkish culture and culinary traditions with a modern interpretation.

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