Espresso 9cl Coffee cups Nazende 12 parts for 6 people

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With its elegance and shape that will make drinking coffee much more fun, the Karaca Nazende 6-person coffee cup set is designed to make coffee culture from the past to the present much more fun. With its golden lace pattern, its design that expands upwards and its triangular handle, the set is extremely stylish, comfortable to drink and ergonomic to hold, and it will make your coffee much more enjoyable with every sip. Moreover, you can keep this exquisite cup set with its stylish box as the first day, or you can choose it as a gift.

Karaca Nazende Set of 6 coffee cups 80 ml


  • 6 coffee cups (80 ml)
  • 6 pieces of saucers

Material: Porcelain

Hand washing is recommended.

Enjoy your coffee in every sip with Karaca cups!
Choose the right size for the cup you are looking for: 75-90 ml classic Turkish coffee, 90-120 ml filter coffee, 140-160 ml double Turkish coffee is suitable for your pleasure.