Frying pan Bio Diamond Power 26 cm

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26 cm frying pan



Nature's most durable Wonder Real Diamond Crystals Raw Material

Superior fireproof non-stick surface
Ultra durability

It is not suitable for use in induction cookers.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Turkey.

Material: Diamond

Why Bio Diamond?

Bio Diamond, which takes its strength from the robustness of the most durable mineral in nature, is covered with up to 300,000 real diamond crystals.
Developed in Switzerland as a result of -3 years of R&D research.
-It can be used safely with metal kitchen utensils and hand blenders thanks to its ultra durability and anti-scratch function.
- Aluminum's intermediate layer with 4 times more conductivity than copper provides an even distribution of heat and provides a more balanced and delicious cooking.

-Eggs can be fried without oil.
-Oil-free vegetables can be fried.
-It is not suitable for use in induction ovens.
-Dishwasher safe.