Copper pan Mesopotamia - 18 cm

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Karaca Mesopotamia is a special series made of craftsmanship.
Due to the nature of the copper material, the color may darken over time due to contact with air.
Color changes may occur after washing.
It may require tinting with prolonged use of the product.
Excellent heat dissipation thanks to copper material.
It cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Maintenance of copper products

Do copper products darken?
Yes, it is normal for uncoated copper to darken. Copper coated with nickel on the outside does not darken, and tin inside causes no health damage.

How long should copper products be tinned?
The need for tin arises depending on the frequency of use. Tin is required on average once a year. Copper that comes into contact with water, such as copper teapots, mugs and jugs, need not be pewter.

How should copper products be maintained at home?
If your copper products are darker, you can polish the outer part of your copper with ready-made polishing products such as tomato paste, lemon and ash.