Espresso 9cl Coffee cups Kugu 4 parts for 2 people 90 ml

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There's a reason this particular cup set is a 2-piece; The swan figurine... Because swans are very special animals that represent love and being attached to a single person until death. They make you feel loyalty and love in the purest and deepest way. With its swan design and unusual style, the Karaca Swan Coffee Cup Set for 2 is inspired by these feelings. For this reason alone, the swan figure engraved on porcelain will leave a deep feeling in your most pleasant coffee moments! We recommend that you hand wash this perfectly designed swan cup set.

Karaca swan Set of 2 Coffee cups 90 ml


  • 2 coffee cups 90 ml
  • 2 pieces of saucers

Material: Porcelain

Hand washing is recommended.

Enjoy your coffee in every sip with Karaca cups!
Choose the right size for the cup you are looking for: 75-90 ml classic turkish coffee, 90-120 ml filter coffee, 140-160 ml double turkish coffee is suitable for your pleasure.