Crystal Ceiling lamp Luxware polaris Gold Wreath w. Clear crystal Ø40X27 cm.

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Crystal Ceiling lamp Luxware Polaris Gold Wreath with Clare crystal in Ø40 x 27 cm

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Size :
- The lamp has 96 pcs. K9 crystals (20x2.5) cm
- The lamp has a total of 7 E14 sockets
-Lamp height 27x width Ø40 cm
Included :
-LED bulb gold E14 - 4.5W (40W) Warm white
Delivery time : 1-3 working days.

Create a refined and luxurious look in your home with our fantastic Luxware Gold Ceiling Lamp. With its dimensions of 40x27 cm, this ceiling lamp is designed to add a brilliant shine to any room. Let's explore the distinctive features of this remarkable lamp:

Exclusive Gold Finish: The gold finish presented by this ceiling lamp adds a sublime elegance and shine to the interior. Gold is a symbol of luxury, and it gives the lamp a sense of timeless beauty and glamour.

Sculptural Elegance: The design of the ceiling lamp exudes a sculptural elegance that catches the eye. The clean lines and proportions contribute to the lamp's visually appealing aesthetics.

Multidimensional Lighting: With its dimensions, the Luxware Gold Ceiling Lamp is more than just a light source. It creates a multidimensional lighting effect as the light is filtered through the intricate patterns and details of the lamp. This creates a welcoming atmosphere in the room.

Perfect For Focus Areas: The lamp's size and expression make it perfect to act as a focal point in your home. It can be hung above the dining table, in the entrance hall or in the living room to add an exclusive and inviting atmosphere.

A Mixture of Sparkling and Gold: The lamp combines the brilliance of its glass details with the deep warmth of the gold finish. This creates a contrast that makes the lamp an impressive visual and luminous experience.