Luxware wall lamp 18x27 cm

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Elegant Crystal Wall Lamp - Dimensions: 18x27 cm

Introduce a subtle touch of glamor and refined details into your interior with our beautiful crystal wall lamp. With the dimensions 18x27 cm, this wall lamp is designed to create atmospheric lighting while adding a touch of elegance to the wall. Let's explore the distinctive features of this wall lamp:

Enchanting Crystal Ornaments: The wall lamp's central feature is its crystal ornaments, carefully selected for their clarity and beauty. These crystals catch the light in an enchanting way and spread a gentle glow over the room. Each individual crystal creates a play of light and reflections that add depth to the appearance of the wall lamp.

Compact and Refined Design: With its dimensions of 18x27 cm, this wall lamp is compact and versatile. It fits perfectly into smaller rooms or as an elegant addition to larger areas. The refined design ensures that the wall lamp is not only a source of illumination, but also an aesthetic element that enriches your decor.

Creates Atmosphere: The wall lamp is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. The gentle lighting filtered through the crystal ornaments creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is perfect as atmospheric evening lighting or as subtle lighting in a corner.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our crystal wall lamp is designed with easy installation and maintenance in mind. It is easy to install and requires only minimal care to maintain its beauty for many years.

Whether placed in the living room, bedroom or entryway, our crystal wall lamp will add a luxurious and sophisticated dimension to your decor. Its subtle shine and elegant design will capture attention and create an atmosphere of beauty and charm.

Socket: E14 x 2