Reserve in store

Most items on can be reserved in our shop. If it is possible to reserve the individual item. You will then receive an SMS with confirmation that the item has been reserved and when it can be picked up. You pay in the store when you pick up the item.

Read more about reserving goods further down the page.

You also always have the option to contact your local Imerco and order goods from home to the store, as long as they are in stock.

Frequently asked questions:

Does it cost anything to reserve an item in the store?

No, reserving an item is free.

Can all items on the website be reserved?

Some items are not in stock in the stores and therefore cannot be reserved. It is clearly stated whether the item can be reserved in the store.

Should I pay online or in store?

You pay online.

Can I risk that an item I have reserved is still not in stock?

If the item is unexpectedly out of stock, you will be notified of this.

When are my items ready for collection?

Two hours after you have reserved an item on , you will be able to pick it up at the selected store. You will receive an SMS when the item is ready for collection.

When are my items ready for collection if I order outside the store's opening hours?

If you reserve an item outside a store's opening hours, the order will be reviewed when the store reopens. You will receive an SMS no later than two hours after the store has opened when the item is ready for collection.

Where should I collect my goods?

You simply have to approach an employee in the store.

Do I have to bring anything with me when I pick up the item in the store?

You simply have to show your booking confirmation, which you received by SMS.

When should I collect my goods at the latest?

You will be notified by SMS when you can collect your goods. They must be collected within the store's opening hours on the day or at the latest on the next opening day.

Do the same exchange and return rules apply?

Yes, the same exchange and return rules apply. Read our exchange and return rules here.