Teglas Dobbeltlaget thermos glass 1x Red "Hummi" 250ml

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The Creano - ThermoGlas "hummi" glass is stylish and functional at the same time - the hand-blown double-walled glass with its excellent insulating properties makes it possible! The fascinating hummingbird is on the inner glass so that it retains its beauty even after long use. Heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used for production, which is light and filigree, yet robust enough to meet the high demands of everyday use. Thanks to the insulating effect - made possible by the air between the glass layers - hot drinks such as coffee or tea stay hot longer and cold drinks stay cold longer. In addition, the double-walled glass ensures that the outer glass is always evenly tempered so that possible burning of your fingers is a thing of the past. Another great effect: no annoying condensation, so no annoying edges on the table when enjoying cold drinks. Have fun with your “floating drink” from which our hummingbird draws its nectar!

Contents: 1 Red Creano-ThermoGlas "hummi" - in an exclusive gift box.

Features: insulating, handmade, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, 250ml capacity, dishwasher safe.