Pan set Brownie 5 pcs. Korkmaz

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Pan set Brownie 5 pcs. Korkmaz


  • Deep Pot: 20x9.3 cm / 2.7 L
    • 1 piece. lid
  • Low Pot: 24x6 cm / 2.4 L
    • 1 piece. lid
  • Pan: 24.4x4.2 cm / 1.5 L

NOT suitable for induction cookers

  • Coating ensures that the set is non-stick.
  • Resistant to damage such as scratches
  • Produced from environmentally friendly material
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum heat conduction, therefore heat energy is saved. Food can be cooked even at a low temperature
  • Does not contain heavy and toxic metals such as lead
  • Less oil than usual is needed to cook food
  • Made from recycled material