Espresso 9cl Coffee cups Karaca Art Deco 4 parts for 2 people

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A unique aesthetic emerges when aerodynamic shapes that blend geometric shapes meet with luminous colors and sparkles... Art Deco coffee cup set brings a memorable elegance to your coffee presentations with this unique aesthetic, while offering a long-lasting use with its smooth structure and durability made of porcelain.

Karaca Art Deco Set of 2 coffee cups 90 ml


  • 2 coffee cups 90 ml
  • 2 pieces of saucers

Material: Porcelain

Hand washing is recommended.

Enjoy your coffee in every sip with Karaca cups!
Choose the right size for the cup you are looking for: 75-90 ml classic turkish coffee, 90-120 ml filter coffee, 140-160 ml double turkish coffee is suitable for your pleasure.

Color: Pink