Espresso 9cl Coffee cups Karaca Art Deco Beige 4 parts for 2 people

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A unique aesthetic emerges when aerodynamic shapes mixing geometric shapes meet with luminous colors and sparkles... The Art Deco coffee cup set brings a memorable elegance to your coffee presentations with this unique aesthetic. It also provides a long-lasting use with its smooth texture and durability made of porcelain.

Karaca Art Deco 2 Person coffee cup set


  • 2 coffee cups 90 ml
  • 2 saucers

Material: Porcelain

It is recommended to wash this product by hand.

Enjoy the pleasure of drinking Turkish coffee with every sip from the Karaca coffee cup! Choose the correct size of cup that you are looking for: 75-90 ml classic Turkish coffee, 90-120 ml filter coffee, 140-160 ml is perfect for your Turkish coffee performance.