Karaca Amber fragrance spray 300ml

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KARACA Amber Blossom Room and Laundry Perfume, which reflects the light soapy, warm, rich aroma of beeswax, the warming, mysterious, oriental scent of Amber and the harmony of Sweet Vanilla Sticks; With the strong breezes coming from the delicately textured white jasmine, the heart falls to the notes. The harmony of Coumarin and Balsam, which strengthens the tangible aroma of sandalwood, continues to spread in harmony for a long time.

Karaca Amber Flower Room and laundry spray


  • Top notes: Beeswax, sweet vanilla.
  • Heart notes: Bold, creamy, jasmine.
  • Footnotes : Sandalwood, Balsam, Coumarin.

Volume: 300 ml

Suggestions for use

You can use it to change the air in your room and make it smell better. Open the safety cap on the bottle to spray. Spray at least 3 times on first use. Hold the spray bottle upright and squeeze firmly before each use.

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol (Cas no: 64-17-5), Water, Fragrance; Hydrogenated castor oil
Benzyl Salicylate (Cas: 118-58-1), Hydroxycitronellal (Cas: 107-75-5), Alpha Isomethyl Ionone (Cas: 127-51-5), Coumarin, (Cas: 91-64-5), Linalool (Cas : 78-70-6), Hexyl Cinnamal (Cas: 101-86-0), Citronellol (Cas: 106-22-9).

KARACA Amber Blossom / Room and laundry spray Production features
Karaca Amber Blossom Room and Laundry Spray; It is a harmonious blend of beeswax, amber and vanilla. With the sharp scent of Jasmine Flowers, the long-term enormous spread of the special perfume essence
of sandalwood, which makes you feel the calm, fresh and soothing effects, make the product indispensable for you. You should definitely try this exquisite fragrance, each phase of which has been carefully designed. By using 1st Class Ethanol in the product, the essence quality has been maximized and a tremendous balance has been achieved at the level of fragrance performance targeted by users.