Induction pan Bio Diamond 20 cm/2.6 L

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  • Nature's most durable wonderful genuine diamond crystals raw material
  • Superior refractory non-stick surface
  • Ultra durability
  • Lean eggs can be cooked.
  • Lean vegetables can be boiled.
  • It is suitable for use in all ovens including induction.
  • It is suitable for use in the dishwasher.

Induction-based product application

  • Induction-based products retain heat for a long time due to their structure.
  • The product base may be damaged if exposed directly to water while hot.
  • Therefore, it must wait for cooling before cleaning after cooking.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Turkey.

20 cm / 2.6 liters

Material: Diamond

Why BioDiamond?

  • Derived from the strength of diamond, the most durable mineral in nature, BioDiamond's surface is covered with up to 300,000 real diamond crystals.
  • It has been developed in Switzerland as a result of 3 years of R&D studies.
  • Thanks to its ultra durability and anti-scratch properties, it can be used safely with metal kitchen utensils and hand blenders.
  • Aluminum intermediate layer with 4 times more conductivity than copper provides equal distribution of heat and provides a more balanced and delicious cooking.

As a result of the tests, all BioDiamond and BioDiamond Pro products have become the most non-stick, scratch-resistant and durable product group among the non-stick products of the Karaca brand.

How is the Bio Diamond design?

  • It has a diamond-shaped handle, handle and body design.

How is the Dio Diamond Pro designed?

  • Diamond Bio Pro is Turkey's first product with integrated induction base. The product has a cast steel handle that is suitable for use in the oven.

Which should I choose, Bio Diamond or Bio Diamond Pro?

  • Bio Diamond Pro can be preferred for use in the oven and if the electric stove is preferred, and Bio Diamond for the combustion chamber types.