Jug Mai 19x20 cm 1.5 L

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Karaca, always working to add variety and character to its product groups, this time created the new Mai series, nourished by Turkish traditions and culinary heritage. It brought together 1000 years of Turkish culture and culinary traditions with a modern interpretation. "

A peacock falling from the sky

When he fell from heaven, he chose the fertile Mesopotamian lands as his home. He was referred to by those who saw him as a god of war, a symbol of fertility, a sign of immortality and rebirth , an element that brings happiness and luck, a symbol of sovereignty, wisdom, wealth and nobility, a symbol of great life, heaven and divine beauty. The noble societies of Mesopotamia, its home,
crowned the works they built with its beauty throughout history.


Karaca Mai Series is a special series with its production style as well as the unique patterns on it.
The Mai series is not produced as the usual production of porcelain obtained by baking the dough at high temperature, but with the special bottom pane used in the world and the multi-colored printing technique specific to this series . In this technique, the patterns are baked after pressing on the dough , they are produced by baking again after applying a special substance that gives the surface brightness. Thus , the patterns are achieved that do not come off in a lifetime, and they are suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Like that
Turkish cuisine culture that has been around for centuries and has not disappeared.

Suitable for use in microwave ovens and dishwashers.