Crystal Chandelier Luxware Polaris 5-layer Black wreath with Smørk crystal Ø 80 cm.

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Luxury and Elegance: Luxware polaris 5-layer Dark Crystal with black Wreath Chandelier Ø80 cm.

Polaris in smoked, while smoked can best be described as a dark gray crystal that changes silver due to the special glossy coating.

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Size :
- The lamp has 298 pieces. K9 crystals (15x2.5) cm.
- The lamp has a total of 23 E14 sockets.
-Lamp height 55xwidth Ø80 cm.
Included :
- 150 cm adjustable chain suspension
- LED bulb Silver E14 - 4.5W (40W) Warm white
Delivery time : 1-3 working days.
lighting with our Luxware Panther 5-layer Dark Chandelier of 80 cm. This unique chandelier is a tribute to luxury and elegance and will transform any room with its impressive beauty and abundance of light.

Key Features:

  1. Groundbreaking Design : Luxware polaris has a groundbreaking design with five beautifully arranged layers of crystal details that capture the light in an enchanting way. The dark finish gives it a modern and dramatic look.

  2. Shining Crystals : With a total of 298 crystals, this chandelier creates a brilliant spread of light that fills the room with sublime beauty. The crystal details reflect and diffuse the light in a spectacular way.

  3. 23 Bulbs : With a total of 23 bulbs, this chandelier provides an abundance of light that can be customized according to your preferences. From subtle lighting to intense lighting - you're in control.

  4. Ideal Size : With an impressive diameter of 80 cm, this chandelier is perfect for large rooms and high ceilings. It will be a stunning centerpiece in any interior layout.

  5. Adjustable Height : You can adjust the height of the chandelier according to your preferences and the needs of the room, giving you full control over the lighting.

  6. Durable Construction : Luxware polaris is known for its quality, and this chandelier is no exception. It is built with care and uses premium materials to ensure durability and reliability.

  7. Easy Installation : Installation is simple and straightforward, and our chandelier comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.