Crystal Ceiling Lamp Luxware Polaris Black Wreath w. Smoke crystal in Ø40 x 27 cm.

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Crystal Ceiling Lamp Luxware Polaris Black Wreath w. Smoke crystal in Ø40 x 27 cm

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Size :
- The lamp has 96 pcs. K9 crystals (12.5x2) cm
- The lamp has a total of 7 E14 sockets
-Lamp height 27x width Ø40 cm
Included :
-LED bulb Silver E14 - 4.5W (40W) Warm white
Delivery time : 1-3 working days.

Give your room a modern and stylish upgrade with our impressive Polaris Ceiling Lamp . Measuring 40x27cm, this lamp is designed to add a sophisticated and sharp aesthetic to your interior. Let's explore the distinctive features of this unique lamp:

Sleek Black Elegance: The black finish of the lamp radiates a clean and modern elegance. This color adds a touch of minimalism and sophistication that fits perfectly into modern decor.

Slim and Stylish Design: The lamp's design is slim and simple, which gives it a timeless look. It blends in perfectly with a variety of interior styles and adds a subtle yet distinctive visual presence.

Alsides Lighting: The lamp provides versatile lighting that suits different needs. The subdued lighting through the black screen creates a pleasant atmosphere and can function as atmospheric lighting in different rooms.

Ideal as a Focal Point: With its size and design, this lamp is ideal as a focal point in the room. It can be used above the dining table, in the living room or in hallway areas to add a touch of modern design.

Minimalism and Elegance: The lamp's simple design combined with the black color creates a harmonious balance between minimalism and elegance.

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