Coffee machine Korkmaz Moderna Turkish Grey

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  • 400W effective energy consumption
  • Capacity of 5 cups of coffee
  • Automatic coffee making and shutdown when ready
  • coffee pot in stainless steel
  • Anti-overflow sensor
  • Automatic shut-off system in case of dehydration
  • Easy operation with a single click

Taste of embers

Moderna is completely different from other coffee machines. "The secret to a delicious Turkish coffee is to prepare it at low heat." The coffee that boils quickly at high heat is prepared without taking its essence, in this case Turkish coffee cannot add its flavor to the coffee because it remains raw. Designed with Thermo Balance Technology, Moderna works with lower power and preserves the aroma of the coffee bean, making delicious coffee with the taste of embers. With the steel coffee pot, which is the healthiest material used in the kitchen, materials such as plastic and aluminum do not come into contact with the brewed coffee in any way.